Boler Trailer Frame

Boler Trailer Frame
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Our lightweight trailer is built custom in Manitoba to haul your Boler. The sturdy structure of our trailers fits the vintage design of the Bolers perfectly and allows for safety on the road with far less wear and tear.


Maintaining the Life of Your Boler Trailer



Proudly a Winnipeg success and getting its name because it resembled the look of a bowler hat. When the Boler Trailer came out, it was a major hit because of its lightweight fiberglass build which made it easy to relocate. Dealers, at first being reluctant to purchase, saw Ray Olecko, the designer, single-handedly pull the trailer across the parking lot, this demonstrated the value that customers would have in the trailer. The Boler Trailer is perfect for camping and light travel, being able to haul it with just a car and without the hassle of tenting. The 1970’s retro trailer is now making a comeback due to its vintage, ultra-light design that fits four people and is made for convenience.



The problem is with fewer producers of the Boler Trailer, it’s more difficult to make repairs on the aging trailers. Being able to haul the trailer is more worrisome with the parts wearing out.That’s where we come in.
The frame of the Boler Trailer at the time they were manufactured were not made with today’s industry standards. The bolts holding the body to the frame loosen and start to flex and crack the frame, which in turn begins to distribute the weight of the body unevenly on the frame, resulting in quicker wear and tear.


We Can Help

Our Boler Trailer is made to specifically haul your Boler Trailer while still maintaining its lightweight design. We recognized the need for a trailer to haul a Boler Trailer after bringing our trailer out to the lake; we had amazing feedback from outdoor enthusiasts that were awestruck over the design. This showed us that other people were in need of the trailer as well. We can help you maintain the life of your Boler Trailer, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.


What Makes The Boler Trailer So Awesome

The vintage trailer perfectly fits the tiny house and minimalist trends that have been sweeping the nation. The little egg trailer lets people travel the country without the cost of hotels or a truck as some of the trailers can be hauled with a car. Due to its simplistic design it allows people to pack their necessities but not much more. For some it is also the nostalgic aspect as the trailers were originally manufactured between 1968 and 1979.


Parts & Repair

It’s becoming more and more difficult to maintain the life of the Boler Trailer due to the fact that parts are hard to come by as the trailer is no longer being manufactured. There are however some helpful groups that you can connect with to help you in your quest.
The website has a list of parts that fit your Boler Trailer as well as where to find them. The website also details the care and maintenance that should be implemented in order to prolong the life of your Boler Trailer.


Helpful Links

Other helpful websites you can check out are: – This site features great tutorials on how to care for your Boler Trailer including winterization and implementing solar power. – Click here and you’ll find informative blog posts, restoration videos and additional links where to find parts for your Boler Trailer. – Bee2Gether Excursions offers camper rentals, so if you’re not sure on buying yet you can check these guys out for a “test drive”.

Of course, remember to look into all the Facebook groups for Boler Trailer enthusiasts including

And don’t forget to search Boler Trailer events to find out if there are any links that we missed you can also check out and for a full list of websites that pertain to the Boler Trailer.

Happy Camping!