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EZ Loader is the one stop shop for any type of recreational boat trailers. We specialize in making trailers for every boat, every budget, and every body of water.

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Since 1953, EZ Loader Boat Trailers has been the leader in manufacturing boat trailers with over ten patents and millions of dollars in trailers sold nationally and internationally each year. With three manufacturing facilities and fourteen distribution centers in North America, and twenty four worldwide, EZ Loader is truly ‘How the World Gets to the Water’.

Choose from galvanized, powder-coated, aluminum, wet-painted systems and “Tuff Coated” Polyurea coatings. And trust trailers that carry from 600 pound capacity to 15,000 pound capacity. No other company sells, services and is better known or more well-respected around the globe than EZ Loader.


Why Buy EZ Loader?

TRADITION: From generation to generation, people buy EZ Loader “because my dad had an EZ Loader!” Tradition means something.

RECOMMENDATION: Some of the most professional fisherman in the country prefer, utilize and recommend EZ Loader on the circuit.

LEADERS: EZ Loader continues to lead manufacturing in the bass boat, runabout, ski and pontoon trailer industry.

VARIETY: No other company has the variety of type, sizes and finishes that EZ Loader has in recreational boat trailers.

AFFORDABILITY: EZ Loader prices are always competitive. They always will be, right along with outstanding performance, quality and service.

SAFETY: Always count on engineering expertise based on DOT requirements according to NATM and NMMA criteria.

INNOVATION: EZ Loader exhibits the MOST innovation of any trailer company to meet the needs and demands of the new generations as well as that of the older demographic.

PACKAGES: EZ Loader started the trend of boat packages…boat, motor and trailer. EZ Loader makes it easy to get more value for your dollar.

RESPECTED BY THE BEST: The Coast Guard, Army, Navy and Marines use EZ Loader. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough.