Boler Trailer Frame


The nostalgic Boler trailer is making a come back with its lightweight design. Unfortunately, with the Boler not being manufactured any longer, parts can be hard to come by. Your Boler trailer frame over time will become fatigued. Cracks will occur  in the frame which will require will repairs or replacement of the frame. The Boler trailer with its unique axle style is called a torsion axle,  and currently  is only manufactured at the axle manufactures.  When this happens you  want a place that you can trust to provide you with honest info on your Boler trailer. That’s where we come in, we manufacture a replacement trailer  frame for your Boler so you can keep hauling it for years to come, as well as have the correct trailer torsion axle to replace if your trailer requires one. Stop by with your unit for us to have a look at to provide you with a quote an any repairs or replacements that you might need.