Dock Accessories


The finest quality dock hardware and marine accessories.
We have a large inventory of dock accessories available onsite at our location in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Please call us so we can help you with accessories, dock parts or complete custom dock design. We manufacture galvanized steel dock frames – and can help with all dock repairs.

Dock Accessories

Selecting the right accessories for your dock can require some planning.

We can help you with dock accessories that complement your lifestyle and your shore front.

Choose the best accessories your marina or cottage:

-Focus On Fishing
-For Entertaining
-Family Centric
-Low Mobility Access

We can help you create custom dock plans with the best boat lift and a full range of dock accessories.

1(888) 442-6147 (Canada Wide)

1 (204) 237-4300 (Winnipeg)

Give us a call about accessories for your dock. We can help you with design and functionality options best suited for how you use your dock.